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Box Truss

  • Line up segments of box truss such that the open sides face the same direction and the diagonal bracing has a continuous flow from one segment to the next.
  • Please be consistant in the direction that bolts face - it makes disassmbly easier.
  • Get a second person to double check that the bolts are tight. We've had examples of wobbly things that could have led to Disaster.
  • When attaching a base to truss that will have pipe & drape run near it, consider if a pin should be attached to the base for that purpose.
  • Face the open side of the truss at the stage. This isn't critical, but it does leave open the possibility of front-hanging some instrument that doesn't fit on the crossbars.

Adding a crossbar of schedule-40 iron pipe to box truss

  • Run the pipe through the truss. This allows the truss to serve as a fail-safe in case the cheeseboroughs fail. With vertical truss, this centers the weight.
  • If running multiple cross-bars to vertical truss, attach some to the front of the truss and some to the back.
  • Since bottom-hanging lights is easier than top-hanging, space the crossbars appropriately.

Hanging Lights

  • Ensure that the fixture is not hung upside-down.
  • Every instrument should have a safety cable. Leave enough slack to allow for focusing, but don't allow too much looseness.
  • Leave the clip for the gel frame open, to make loading gels easier.
  • When top-hanging, make damn sure that the damnit nut is secure.
  • Make sure that no handles, knobs, or nuts are too tight to be easily worked during focus.
  • When hanging directly on aluminum truss, you can place a sacrificial penny between the business end of the screw and the truss. It will hold securely, but not damage the soft aluminum truss.

Notes for Hanging Elipsopidals

  • Pull all of the shutters all the way out.
  • If no iris is to be inserted, make sure the cover is secure over that slot.

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