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The Samson UH-5 (UHF Synth 5) system is frequency agile. A set of transmitters and receivers can be operated on one of 10 groups. 9 of the groups provide 7 compatible channels each and 1 group provides 11. The Samson manual warns that operation of systems on incompatible channels in the same location will result in intermodulation distortion. I have never heard the effect of this problem myself.

Frequency Chart (in [MHz])

G0805.875804.750802.375800.500799.500798.000797.750Not Available
R1805.750804.625802.250800.375799.375797.875797.625Not Available
O2805.125804.000801.625799.750798.750797.250797.000Not Available
U3805.000803.875801.500799.625798.625797.125796.875Not Available
P4804.500804.250803.250800.875799.125796.625796.250Not Available
S5804.375804.125803.125800.750799.000796.500796.125Not Available
 6803.000802.625800.125798.375796.000795.000794.750Not Available
 7802.875802.500800.000798.250795.875794.875794.625Not Available
 8805.375802.125799.875797.500795.750794.500794.125Not Available


When using group 9, group 7-channel 5 may also be used to give 11 simultaneous channels.

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