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1. Before a PA system begins to feedback it will

   A. Howl
   B. Ring
   C. Clang
   D. Buzz

2. To make interesting patterns on the floor, you might use a

   A. Cookie
   B. Cake
   C. Pie
   D. Pizza

3. Ice cream can be made with

   A. Lead acetate
   B. Liquid nitrogen
   C. Plutonium
   D. Worchestershire sauce

4. Elliptical fixtures are called that because of the shape of the

   A. Reflector
   B. Lens
   C. Lamp
   D. Carbons

5. Arrange in the order of MOST to LEAST peaty:

   A. Isle of Jura, Lagavulin, Jameson's
   B. Jameson's, Isle of Jura, Lagavulin
   C. Lagavulin, Isle of Jura, Jameson's
   D, Lagavulin, Jameson's, Isle of Jura

6. A sound system may hum because

   A. Not enough things are grounded
   B. Too many things are grounded
   C. Of the lighting dimmers
   D. All of the above

7. The most unusual instrument played by Clam Chowder is a(n)

   A. Autoharp
   B. Open-ended wrench
   C. Box wrench
   D. Torque wrench

8. Which color is not a phase?

   A. Black
   B. Green
   C. Blue
   D. Red

9. Somebody who complains that 100 amp service is not enough is probably

   A. Lighting
   B. Sound
   C. Hydraulics
   D. Optimistic

10. At one time, you can never have too many

   A. microphones open
   B. people on stage
   C. stage managers
   D. emergency exits

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