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This really needs proper text. Right now it's a dumping ground for notes.

What is transmission?

Getting into a hotel cable system. Specifics about the Hyatt Cambridge.


  • Sources, including live events
  • Monitoring
  • Routing (feed (output) switching}
  • Line drivers & receivers
  • Awshit programming sources (patterns/music)
  • Cabling

playout server, dvd/vt decks, separate stills/music source
Inputs from live events- Is it needed? From where? Isolation & levels.

don't use a junk monitor
earphones to test audio

Didn't use as much of the routing switcher as expected, out 1 to hotel and out 2 to local monitor. In A from bars, in B from server, in D from prod. No other playback or feeds either way. May not be worth the time to do a computer interface for the SVS router.

Line drivers & isolation
Using both a small mixer and a vda to drives the lines helped the actual transmission quite a bit. End product looked good in the rooms.

Emergency programming sources
What to show if the server crashes? If a live event is late or crashes? Other emergencies? Who decides?

Use decent stuff.

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