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This is the listing of color codes used by the TF crew. Please update accordingly, just put your Author name at the bottom when editing.

Note lines must start with a blank space, and the names are separated from the colors by tabs.

If you make an entry, make sure you duplicate the entry in palindromatic fashion, IE 'blue black green bob' should be also entered as 'green black blue bob'.

9-May-08--I manually merged this file with the one from the zydeco archive to restore lost edits.--PeterO?

 black, black, purple	Joseph Sokol-Margolis
 black, black, red	Kenneth Elwell
 black, blue		Jim Roberts
 black, blue, green	Wes Foard
 black, blue, white	Betsy Delaney
 black, blue, silver	Dave Shevett
 black, gold		John Hawkinson
 black, gold, gray	Scott Silber-Lefton
 black, gold, red	Fran Felix
 black, gray		Aaron Block
 black, gray, gold	Scott Silber-Lefton
 black, gray, green	Joel Lord
 black, green		Kim VanAuken
 black, orange		Bill Yerazunis
 black, pink, pink	Donald Eastlake
 black, pink, pink	Jill Eastlake
 black, purple		Kriss Barnhart
 black, purple, black	Joseph Sokol-Margolis
 black, red		Jeff Poretsky
 black, red, black	Kenneth Elwell
 black, red, gold	Fran Felix
 black, red, yellow	Alicia Salomon
 black, white		Seth Breidbart
 black, white, blue	Betsy Delaney
 black, yellow		Joel Herda (previously Steve Whitemore)
 black, yellow, red	Alicia Salomon
 blue			NESFA (NewEnglandScienceFictionAssociation)
 blue, black		Jim Roberts
 blue, black, blue	Carsten Turner
 blue, black, white	Betsy Delaney
 blue, blue, yellow	Chris Liljenstolpe
 blue, brown		John Harvey
 blue, gold		Eric Fleischer
 blue, gold, gray	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 blue, gray		Suzanne Labonville
 blue, gray		Traciy Fogarty
 blue, gray, gold	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 blue, green		Nick Shectman
 blue, green, blue      MCFI (MassachusettsConventionFandomInc)
 blue, green, red	Allon Stern
 blue, green, white     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 blue, green, yellow	John McMahon
 blue, orange		Jeffrey L Jordan
 blue, pink		Aliza Panitz
 blue, purple		Joanne Handwerger
 blue, purple, blue     Dan No and Abby Noyce
 blue, red		Dalroy Ward
 blue, red, yellow	Ira Grollman (OMKT LLC)
 blue, red, purple      Marlowe Weissman
 blue, white		Jennie Faries
 blue, white, black	Betsy Delaney
 blue, white, green     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 blue, yellow		James Belfiore
 blue, yellow, blue	Chris Liljenstolpe
 blue, yellow, green	John McMahon
 blue, yellow, yellow	Rebecca Rice
 blue (royal)		Carl (z!) Zwanzig
 dark blue, light blue	Andy Bressen
 light blue, dark blue	Andy Bressen
 light blue, white, light blue	FAC Folk Arts Center of New England
 brown			PSFS PhillySFclub?
 brown, blue		John Harvey
 brown, gold, gray	Saki Silber-Lefton
 brown, gray, gold	Saki Silber-Lefton
 brown, green		Marc Gordon
 brown, purple, brown   Mike Piantedosi/Val Grimm
 brown, red		Beth Gallagher
 brown, orange          Tracy Gangwer
 dark brown		Ford Beezer
 gold, black		John Hawkinson
 gold, black, gray	Scott Silber-Lefton
 gold, black, red	Fran Felix
 gold, blue		Eric Fleischer
 gold, blue, gray	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 gold, brown, gray	Saki Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray		House-of Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, black	Scott Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, blue	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, brown	Saki Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, green	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, purple	Talia Silber-Lefton
 gold, gray, red	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 gold, green, gray	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 gold, green, purple	Marie Dahl
 gold, maroon		JamesB? VanBokkelen?
 gold, purple		Elsa Chen
 gold, purple, gray	Talia Silber-Lefton
 gold, purple, green	Marie Dahl
 gold, red		Kevin Fallon
 gold, red, black	Fran Felix
 gold, red, gray	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 gray, black		Aaron Block
 gray, black, gold	Scott Silber-Lefton
 gray, blue		Suzanne Labonville
 gray, blue		Traciy Fogarty
 gray, blue, gold	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 gray, brown, gold	Saki Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold		House-of Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, black	Scott Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, blue	Jacob Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, brown	Saki Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, green	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, purple	Talia Silber-Lefton
 gray, gold, red	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 gray, gray, gray       Greykell Dutton
 gray, gray, red	Frank Coleman
 gray, green		Paul Kraus (gray Canare Star-Quad cable with green heat shrink boots)
 gray, green, gold	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 gray, green, purple    David H. Silber
 gray, orange		Ed Council
 gray, purple		Andrew Boardman
 gray, purple, gold	Talia Silber-Lefton
 gray, purple, green    David H. Silber
 gray, red		Benjamin Cline
 gray, red, gold	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 gray, red, gray	Frank Coleman
 gray, white		Donna Dube
 green			LUNARIANS-NewYorkSFclub?
 green, black		Kim VanAuken
 green, black, green	Larry Schroeder
 green, black, orange   Katarina Dutton
 green, blue		Nick Shectman
 green, blue, black     Wes Foard
 green, blue, green     Rick Kovalcik (RKOV)
 green, blue, red       Syd Weinstein
 green, blue, white     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 green, blue, yellow	John McMahon
 green, brown		Marc Gordon
 green, gold, gray	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 green, gold, purple	Marie Dahl
 green, grey		Paul Kraus (gray Canare Star-Quad cable with green heat shrink boots)
 green, gray, black	Joel Lord
 green, gray, gold	Rachel Silber-Lefton
 green, grey, purple    David H. Silber
 green, green, red	Byron Liveoak
 green, green, white	Michael Bergman
 green, green, yellow	Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD)
 green, orange		Dale Farmer
 green, pink		Vicki Warren
 green, purple		Rachel Silverman
 green, purple, gold	Marie Dahl
 green, purple, gray    David H. Silber
 green, purple, purple	Chip Olson
 green, red		Art "Boots" Coleman
 green, red, blue	Allon Stern
 green, red, green	Byron Liveoak
 green, red, red 	Charles Coleman
 green, red, white	Suzanne Hediger
 green, tan		Deryl Burr
 green, white		NPS GlenEcho?(notWFG)
 green, white, blue     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 green, white, green	Michael Bergman
 green, yellow, green	Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD)
 green, yellow		Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD)
 green, yellow		Wil Howitt
 green, yellow%		Ben Levy (thin stripes)
 green, yellow, blue	John McMahon
 dark green, light green	Marty Gear
 light green, dark green	Marty Gear
 maroon, gold		JamesB? VanBokkelen?
 orange			Chris Palmer
 orange, black		Bill Yerazunis
 orange, black, orange	  Wil Davis
 orange, black, green   Katarina Dutton
 orange, blue		Jeffrey L Jordan
 orange, gray		Ed Council
 orange, green		Dale Farmer
 orange, purple		Peggy Chernoff
 orange, red		Rachel Mello
 orange, brown          Tracy Gangwer
 orange, white		Scott Gosik
 orange, yellow		Kathi O.
 orange, yellow, orange	Lee Morey
 orange, orange, yellow	Lee Morey
 pink, black, pink	Donald Eastlake
 pink, black, pink	Jill Eastlake
 pink, blue		Aliza Panitz
 pink, green		Vicki Warren
 pink, pink, black	Donald Eastlake
 pink, pink, black	Jill Eastlake
 pinkish-purple(singlecolor)	Lee Orlando
 purple			BSFS (Baltimore Science Fiction Society/Balticon)
 purple, black		Kriss Barnhart
 purple, black, black	Joseph Sokol-Margolis
 purple, blue		Joanne Handwerger
 purple, blue, red      Marlowe Weissman
 purple, red, purple    Walter and Jeanne Kahn
 purple, gold		Elsa Chen
 purple, gold, gray	Talia Silber-Lefton
 purple, gold, green	Marie Dahl
 purple, gray		Andrew Boardman
 purple, gray, gold	Talia Silber-Lefton
 purple, gray, green    David H. Silber
 purple, green		Rachel Silverman
 purple, green, gold	Marie Dahl
 purple, green, grey    David H. Silber
 purple, green, purple	Chip Olson
 purple, orange		Peggy Chernoff
 purple, purple, green	Chip Olson
 purple, purple, white	Warren Mayer
 purple, red		Rob Spence
 purple, white		Denise McMahon?
 purple, white, purple	Warren Mayer
 purple, yellow		Rich Macchi
 purple triangular Avian Research logo		Hobbit
 red			ARISIA-BostonSFclub (tech) (deprecated) (see also yellow)
 red, black		Jeff Poretsky
 red, black, black	Kenneth Elwell
 red, black, gold	Fran Felix
 red, black, yellow	Alicia Salomon
 red, blue		Dalroy Ward
 red, blue, green	Syd Weinstein
 red, brown		Beth Gallagher
 red, gold		Kevin Fallon
 red, gold, black	Fran Felix
 red, gold, gray	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 red, gray		Benjamin Cline
 red, gray, gold	Gabriel Silber-Lefton
 red, gray, gray	Frank Coleman
 red, green		Art "Boots" Coleman
 red, green, blue	Allon Stern
 red, green, green	Byron Liveoak
 red, green, red 	Charles Coleman
 red, green, red 	Wil Davis (in transition)
 red, green, white	Suzanne Hediger
 red, orange		Rachel Mello
 red, red		Megan Gentry
 red, red, green 	Charles Coleman
 red, red, red		Skipper Morris
 red, white		Washington FolkGroup?
 red, white, green	Suzanne Hediger
 red, yellow		Eclectic Enterprises
 red, yellow, black	Alicia Salomon
 red, yellow, red	David Weiner (tools only)
 red, yellow, red	PeterOlszowka Peter Olszowka? (cables only, deprecated)
 red, purple		Rob Spence
 red, purple, blue      Marlowe Weissman
 turquoise		Carl (z!) Zwanzig/Midnight L&S
 tan, green		Deryl Burr
 white, black		Seth Breidbart
 white, black, blue	Betsy Delaney
 white, blue		Jennie Faries
 white, blue, black	Betsy Delaney
 white, blue, green     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 white, gray		Donna Dube
 white, green		Michael Bergman
 white, green		NPS GlenEcho?(notWFG)
 white, green, blue     Love Song Productions (Spencer Love & Persis Thorndike)
 white, green, green	Michael Bergman
 white, green, red	Suzanne Hediger
 white, green, white	Michael Bergman
 white, orange		Scott Gosik
 white, purple		Denise McMahon?
 white, purple, purple	Warren Mayer
 white, red		Washington FolkGroup?
 white, red, green	Suzanne Hediger
 white, white, green	Michael Bergman
 white, yellow		Larry Stone
 white?			WSFA WashingtonSFclub?
 yellow			Alex Latzko (Also used by ARISIA-BostonSFclub) 
 yellow, black		Joel Herda (previously Steve Whitemore)
 yellow, black, red	Alicia Salomon
 yellow, black, yellow	Yonah Schmeidler
 yellow, blue		James Belfiore
 yellow, blue, blue	Chris Liljenstolpe
 yellow, blue, green	John McMahon
 yellow, blue, yellow	Rebecca Rice
 yellow, green		Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD) 
 yellow, green		Wil Howitt
 yellow, green		Ben Levy (thin stripes)
 yellow, green, blue	John McMahon
 yellow, green, green		Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD) 
 yellow, green, yellow	Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD)
 yellow, orange		Kathi O.
 yellow, orange, orange	Lee Morey
 yellow, purple		Rich Macchi
 yellow, red		Eclectic Enterprises
 yellow, red, black	Alicia Salomon
 yellow, red, yellow	PeterOlszowka Peter Olszowka?
 yellow, white		Larry Stone
 yellow, yellow		Sally Martin
 yellow, yellow		Scott Robinson
 yellow, yellow, blue	Rebecca Rice
 yellow, yellow, green	Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (CVD)

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